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Get access to an unreleased
piece from my last poetry special

My life’s work is to

Question what it means to be human

My poetry is a reflection of my experiences and life lessons. I want my words to be a mirror for people to see themselves more clearly and ultimately feel closer to each other and the world.

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IN-Q has a unique approach that bonds people in a way that I have never seen and he was key in making our business offsite a huge success.
IN-Q’s workshop broke down barriers, inspired creativity, and brought us closer together. The experience lives on long after the sessions.
IN-Q’s performance was magical. He left 1,000 Lululemon leaders feeling touched, inspired and more motivated than ever to elevate the world to greatness.
IN-Q's poetry is a huge inspiration for me. He's made me cry, laugh and ponder deeply all within the same piece.
IN-Q writes to entertain, inspire and challenge his audiences to look deeper into the human experience.
IN-Q is a true visionary. His performance inspired us to shift opinions, promote change and drive culture.
In-Q is not only a man of words, but he’s a man of love, soul, wisdom.
IN-Q brilliantly gave voice to the spirit of Cirque. He is the best in the world at his art and we can't wait to partner with him again.
Steven Rosenblatt

President, Foursquare

Kelly Bush

Founder, ID-PR

Laurent Potdevin

CEO, Lululemon Athletica

Aloe Blacc

Multi-Platinum Recording Artist

Oprah Super Soul

World’s Top Thought Leaders

Evan Greene

CMO, The Recording Academy (The GRAMMYs)

Sheila Roche

Founder, (RED)

Valerie Pisano

Chief Talent Officer, Cirque Du Soleil

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