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“In-Q’s workshop should be a requirement for everyone.
It is a lesson in humility. I look forward to taking another.”


”I cannot think of a better place to start or continue your journey than by finding an extraordinary teacher, a welcoming community, and an opportunity to do the kind of soul-scraping that can change your life. Don’t wait to sign up – go do it!”


“I’m not typically super into poetry but IN-Q’s workshops are a must for me, I sign up for every workshop of his I possibly can. As a therapist, these poetry workshops are some of the best self care I know. The workshops are an inspiring, supportive, judgment free zone, and if you are on the fence, I say do it!”


“The inspiration that moved through these sessions was incredible. I learned so much from listening to others and it pushed me to create in deeper and innovative ways. I love these sessions, the vulnerability that was held and as a new poet it has helped me so much.”


“Shortly after penning a number of new poems as a part of your workshops, I decided to create a book featuring many of my new poems, along with others I’ve written over the years. I am very proud of this major accomplishment and I credit these powerful workshops as part of the impetus to that project.”






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How will the workshop be different because it’s virtual?

IN-Q has led dozens of workshops virtually and they’ve all been incredible experiences. You can trust that it will be powerful and memorable, spotlighting people who want to share their poetry and using breakout rooms to connect more deeply.

What if I’ve never written poetry before?

Don’t worry! These workshops are more about owning your story and expressing yourself than writing poetry. The experience is for everyone regardless of writing experience.

What if I have to miss a workshop?

We will record the workshops and have them available for everyone to view privately, just in case you miss one.

What’s the refund policy?

If you attend the first workshop, and decide that it’s not for you, we will honor a full refund of your ticket. That being said, you do need to attend the first workshop for this to apply and we sincerely hope that you challenge yourself to complete the course. If you need to refund your ticket for any other extenuating circumstance, email hello@in-q.com.

Why can’t I buy a ticket to just one workshop?

This multi-part workshop series is specifically designed to lead you through the process of transformation and growth. If you can’t attend one of the workshop dates, we certainly understand, but highly recommend committing to all sessions, as it will bring the most benefit.

What will the agenda of each workshop be?

In each workshop, IN-Q will perform a few poems, and then give a writing prompt along with guidelines and specific instructions for the session. After a short writing period, people will have the option to volunteer to share their personal poems with the group. The content is often vulnerable and raw but the environment is overwhelmingly supportive. Come join us to discover the full experience.

Do I have to attend the graduation?

The graduation is optional for those who want share more of their poetry and connect deeper with others in the group. It will also feature a surprise special guest poet! 

Are all ages allowed?

Yes, all ages are allowed and encouraged. Just know there will be profanity and adult subject matter throughout, so use your best judgement.