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The New You

Virtual Poetry Workshop Series


Learn to tell your story through poetry and create a powerful vision for your future

in this three-part workshop with award-winning poet, IN-Q.


The New You is a three part virtual poetry workshop series.
These uplifting and transformative sessions will guide you through creating a powerful vision for your future.
Each day includes a two hour workshop led by IN-Q.


The experience will take you on a journey into what’s stopping you from living up to your fullest potential and stepping into your personal power. You’ll walk out transformed and inspired with a new perspective, and the ability to use writing and creativity as a tool in every part your life.

We’ll cover themes like alchemizing your past, transforming your relationship with fear, and manifesting your dreams. You’ll have an opportunity to shift your relationship with the moments that have made you, you.




New dates coming soon!


Workshops will run from 11am – 1pm PST // 2pm – 4pm EST


Virtual on Zoom – link will be provided via email


How will the workshop be different because it’s virtual?

IN-Q has led dozens of workshops virtually and they’ve all been incredible experiences. You can trust that it will be powerful and memorable, spotlighting people who want to share their poetry and using breakout rooms to connect more deeply.

What if I’ve never written poetry before?

Don’t worry! These workshops are more about owning your story and expressing yourself than writing poetry. The experience is for everyone regardless of writing experience.

What if I have to miss a workshop?

We will record the workshops and have them available for everyone to view privately, just in case you miss one.

What’s the refund policy?

If you attend the first workshop, and decide that it’s not for you, we will honor a full refund of your ticket. That being said, you do need to attend the first workshop for this to apply and we sincerely hope that you challenge yourself to complete the course. If you need to refund your ticket for any other extenuating circumstance, email kevin@saysomething.la.

Why can’t I buy a ticket to just one workshop?

This three-part workshop series is specifically designed to lead you through the process of transformation and growth. If you can’t attend one of the workshop dates, we certainly understand, but highly recommend committing to all three, as it will bring the most benefit.

What will the agenda of each workshop be?

In each workshop, IN-Q will perform a few poems, and then give a writing prompt along with guidelines and specific instructions for the session. After a short writing period, people will have the option to volunteer to share their personal poems with the group. The content is often vulnerable and raw but the environment is overwhelmingly supportive. Come join us to discover the full experience.

Do I have to attend the graduation?

The graduation is optional for those who want share more of their poetry and connect deeper with others in the group. It will also feature a surprise special guest poet! 

Are all ages allowed?

Yes, all ages are allowed and encouraged. Just know there will be profanity and adult subject matter throughout, so use your best judgement.

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