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Named by Oprah as one of the 100 most influential thought leaders in the world,
IN-Q has inspired countless teams from leading Fortune 500 companies through his
keynote performances and acclaimed workshops.
He is currently offering virtual performances and interactive sessions to help uplift morale and bring inspiration to organizations during this time of uncertainty.


"IN-Q was the perfect choice for our TED Institute event. His authenticity, creativity and powerful stage presence held us all spellbound. I can't tell you how many people said he opened their minds and hearts."
"By far one of the most highly rated content sessions we have ever hosted at Summit."
"Our staff at Life is Good was wildly inspired by IN-Q's poetry and felt unified by his powerful messages."
"IN-Q's workshop was the highest rated break-out of our conference. If you are seeking a provocative speaker that brings a ton of positive energy, uniqueness, intellect and impact to your audience, book IN-Q!"
"IN-Q has a unique approach that bonds people in a way that I have never seen and he was key in making our business offsite a huge success."
"IN-Q’s workshop broke down barriers, inspired creativity, and brought us closer together. The experience lives on long after the sessions."
"IN-Q’s performance was magical. He left 1,000 Lululemon leaders feeling touched, inspired and more motivated than ever to elevate the world to greatness."
"IN-Q's poetry is a huge inspiration for me. He's made me cry, laugh and ponder deeply all within the same piece."
"IN-Q writes to entertain, inspire and challenge his audiences to look deeper into the human experience."
"IN-Q is a true visionary. His performance inspired us to shift opinions, promote change and drive culture."
Bryn Freedman

Editorial Director, TED Institute

Shira Abramowitz

Head of Content, Summit Series

Bert Jacobs

CEO & Co-Founder, Life is Good

J.P. Dahdeh

Entrepreneur’s Organization Alchemy Conference

Steven Rosenblatt

President, Foursquare

Kelly Bush

Founder, ID-PR

Laurent Potdevin

CEO, Lululemon Athletica

Aloe Blacc

Multi-Platinum Recording Artist

Oprah Super Soul

World’s Top Thought Leaders

Evan Greene

CMO, The Recording Academy (The GRAMMYs)

Oprah’s Super Soul 100
TED@IBM Conference

Keynote Performance

This inspiring, energizing, and thought-provoking 15-60 minute virtual or in-person keynote performance will bring your audience to life and open up their hearts and minds. IN-Q uses poetry, philosophy, and comedic stories to emphasize the event themes and bond people together in a uniquely powerful way. It’s the perfect start or end to a day of programming.

“IN-Q left 1,000 Lululemon leaders at our Global Leadership Conference feeling touched, inspired and more motivated than ever to elevate the world to greatness.

Laurent Potdevin | CEO | Lululemon Athletica

Trust-Building Workshop

This transformational storytelling workshop is the perfect virtual or in-person session for teams who are looking to build trust and connect with each other on a deeper level. Throughout the 75-90 minute interactive experience, IN-Q takes your team on a poetic journey into what’s stopping them from living up to their fullest potential and stepping into their personal power.

He motivates the group through his spoken word and life stories, leading them from performance, into writing and sharing exercises, specifically designed to create a safe and supportive environment where people can be vulnerable from a place of strength. It is a truly unforgettable experience that will leave your team feeling grateful and connected far beyond the session.

“…incredibly effective way to form real connection with your team.”

“…I was new to the team, but after hearing everyone’s poems I felt so much closer to these people — even closer than I had to a team I’d worked with for 3+ years at my last job.”

“…far-and-away the coolest things I’ve ever done at work. We laughed with each other and the poems that everyone wrote made me feel close to people in a way we hadn’t ever felt before — even after working together for years…”

Testimonials from IN-Q’s virtual workshop with Dell

Custom Poem + Keynote Performance

IN-Q will write a one of a kind, fully customized poem for your brand, company, or campaign. He will work with your team to craft the vision for this piece by including any language or messaging that helps tell your larger story. If you have an upcoming event, IN-Q can memorize and perform this tailored poem within a virtual or in-person keynote meant to motivate your team and remind them of their deeper purpose. This piece can also be turned into branded content like the videos below. He has done this for companies including VFC (Vans), A&E, Cirque du Soleil, and many more, and the response has been truly incredible. This is the most highly personalized creative experience IN-Q offers.

“IN-Q’s performance was a very powerful moment for us. He brilliantly gave voice to the spirit of Cirque, brought us all together around a shared vision of what we could create, and inspired us to reach into ourselves. He is the best in the world at his art and we can’t wait to partner with him again.

Valerie Pisano | Chief Talent Officer | Cirque du Soleil